SMB “Start a business” Kit

This gives you, in one package, the following:


Website – up to ten pages.

Modern, Fresh Website, choose from 10 basic designs.


SEO – 12 months of SEO, SMO and lots more traffic producing services.

You will have a “Project Manager” for the duration.


Business Cards – 500 high quality cards, to really tell who you are.


Flyers – 1000 flyers, to deliver or post out.

Also, the PDF version so you can email it, print more etc.


A front counter “Touch Screen” POS System.

Powerful and rugged in build, it can serve as a backup for your main computer as well.

Cash Drawer

POS Printer for clients receipts

POS Printer – Networked for Kitchen or Warehouse order printing

POS Compatible router and all cables. (up to 20 metres)


Office Computer – Powerful machine for all your book keeping etc

22″ Monitor

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Printer – A4 size for “Sales Reports” and general use

Office & Accounting Software – Ready to go

Networked for Automated Daily Backups


NAS Backup System

“Network Addressed Storage” is a data storage appliance, that is connected to each computer by cable or wireless.

It can be stored on-site, in a secure & safe location in the building.

It stores company critical data from all machines, in a separate appliance.

This ensures if your machines come to harm, by human interference, or by acts of nature,

you have a level of redundancy that will enable you to be trading again in much less time.


Managed IT for 12 months (valued at $250 per month )

Allows you to work on your business, this is crucial in these start up scenarios.

All the IT issues are effectively “outsourced” to us.

We monitor the state of health of over 20 items on each of your 30 minute intervals, 24/7/365.

Often, we see and correct issues remotely, before you notice.

Monthly, our technicians run through a tailored and comprehensive check-listed service on each computer after trading hours, ensuring smooth operation when you need it.


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